01. Salvation
02. Sad Dream
03. Get Lucky
匿名; I'm mixed Armenian and White, and the only people who can really use the word Caucasian without it being racist are people from the Caucasus. It's hard for people like me to insist that I'm mixed race (And I definitely look mixed!) when people laugh off Armenian as being 'Caucasian' and therefore 'White', White people that aren't from the Caucasus ethnically shouldn't use it because the term being associated with white people is racist and whitewashing of Caucasian POC

hmmm i see i see, i think i get the point you’re trying to make. since the dude who decided that caucasian is for whites was using it to further racism but those from caucasus using it is completely different since the guy who decided its for whites didn’t exactly intend it for people from caucasus so then that gives it a totally different meaning?? ah idk if what i said makes sense but i think i get ur point

bunsob; i know heavier individuals get picked on a lot for their appearance, which is far from okay, but i feel that a lot of people my size get picked on just as much now. i've been deemed unattractive because i am "a skinny white girl" and because i'm insecure about my face that has made me a "butterface". i'm really tired of people getting bashed for things that they can't or don't want to change about their appearances. it's disgusting and hurtful.

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